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Introducing the durable elasticity of FDM TPU 92A material and produce large and complex Elastomer parts

Stratasys F123 Series and Fortus Printers are

Stratasys F123 Series

Stratasys have released the most advanced and versatile office 3D printers, for prototyping, functional models and entry level production systems.

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Fortus Production Printers

The Fortus 3D Production Systems produces the most accurate and durable prototypes and parts using high-performance thermoplastics.

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Snap shot of why you should use our 3D Printers

F123 Series Printers are priced for office use, so you can create on-site perfect working models directly from your CAD, made of tough ??BS PC Blend Thermoplastic that can be sanded, milled, even painted. And that's just the beginning.

Models in hours, not days or weeks. Outsourcing or hand-building a prototype in-house takes days or weeks. The Dimension 3D printer can create that same part in just hours. That allows you to have more design iterations with immediate feedback.

Tough enough for working models. Dimension 3D printers create ABS prototypes that won't warp, shrink or absorb moisture. They're tough enough to be used as working models and withstand rigorous testing a€“ competitive 3D printers can't claim that.

Pieces actually snap or fit together. Compared to wax or other forms of 3D printing, Dimension's ABS prototypes provide a higher level of detail. Pieces actually snap or fit together, helping you catch mistakes while they're still relatively inexpensive to fix.

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Save hundreds on every prototype. An outsourced prototype might cost $400 or more. Hand-building a prototype in-house would probably cost several times that in labor costs. A Dimension 3D printer can create the same prototype for only R150 -- or less!

No specialized training required. While other forms of modeling and rapid prototyping require specialized knowledge and training, Dimension 3D printers are truly a do-it-yourself operation. Just load our easy-to-use software on your Windows network and start printing.


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